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Seven Important Details You Should Provide When You Purchase Yacht Insurance

Yacht insurance providers will need you to give numerous details when you're in the process of selecting and purchasing a yacht insurance policy. The following are seven important details you should provide when you purchase yacht insurance. 

Your Sailing Experience

The more experience you have with skippering the type of yacht you're insuring, the less your yacht insurance should cost you. Any sailing credentials you have including lessons and certifications you've completed could improve your prospects of getting yacht insurance at a competitive price. 

Your Vessel's History

Of course, you'll need to provide details of the vessel you're insuring including its manufacturer, age, and history. Insurance providers may want to know if the yacht has any damage from a past accident. You also might be asked about the maintenance history of your yacht.

Your Vessel's Safety Features

Any safety features that are included in the design of your yacht should be mentioned to yacht insurance providers from whom you're interested in purchasing coverage. You also should provide information on any upgrades or renovation work that has been done on your yacht. 

The Area in Which You Will Be Navigating

Yacht insurance typically comes along with limits in terms of navigational areas in which coverage will apply. You'll therefore need to specify which waters you'll be navigating in using your yacht. The larger the navigational area in which you seek coverage, the higher your premiums are likely to be. 

The Value of Personal Belongings Aboard Your Yacht

You should be insured for all of your possessions that you keep on your yacht. If you have especially valuable items on board, it's important to mention these items to your yacht insurance provider and purchase adequate coverage to cover these items if accident damage occurs. 

The Location Where You'll Store Your Yacht

You may be asked where you keep your yacht throughout the majority of the year. If you keep your yacht moored at a marina or stored at a storage facility, you might need to specify some details on this location to your yacht insurance provider when purchasing coverage.

Your Residence Location

It's not uncommon for a yacht owner to live in a location that's far from where his or her yacht is kept throughout most of the year. Your residence location could impact the costs of your yacht insurance, so it's a detail your insurance provider will ask you about when you purchase coverage. 

For more about the benefits of yacht insurance, contact an insurance agency near you.